connection = love


Here is what I am connected to today:

I feel connected to our neighbours for their warmth, love and time for our family. I even feel connected to the neighbour across the road, that never raises her head to greet me. I feel connected to my dog, like he knows what I’m thinking and I know what he feels. I feel connected to the old blue heeler, who growled and tried to snap at my dog this morning. I feel deep connection to my children, as we have a simple conversation. I feel deep connection to the boy who lives down the road, and for his family who have just lost their dad. I feel connection when I look into the eyes of that old lady as we shared a conversation over the price of the tomatoes at woolies. I feel connection when I see a new-born baby, like I could just stare for hours. I feel connected to the indian minor bird that prance’s around our back deck, looking for crumbs the kids have dropt for a tasty snack. I feel a connection to my worms up the back that mulch me some beautiful compost to make my garden look beautiful. I feel powerful feminine connection when I talk to a friend. I feel connection in my memories, of loved ones that live far away. I feel a pleasurable connection, when I am with my husband. I feel connected to the sea, the waves and the sand. I feel connected to the rocks, the mountains and the land.

As you go through your day today observe how connected you are to your world around you. Connection is the core to love and empathy.

How do you feel connected today?

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