Start with success, end with success!


On a scale between 1 – 10 (10 being outrageously happy) how happy are you?

I would classify a happy person anywhere from an 8 and up.

If you scored 8 or higher (virtual high five).

Life is sweet for you…keep kicking those goals.

You can click off here now, this blog post is not for you.

Anything under an 8, listen up!

Now tell me how do you start your day?

How do you feel emotionally when you start your day?

What is your self talk (your inner dialogue)?

How do you respond to those thoughts and feelings?

Do you want to raise your happiness score?…’well duh Lucy’ I can hear you say.

My advice to you

It’s all in he way you start your day.

You can feel successful first thing in the morning.

You can feel happy first thing in the morning (even before your coffee).

Change the way you start your day, and you will transform your life.

If you start with a win, you will end with a win!

Does sitting on the edge of your bed with your head held low equal success?

Does reaching for your phone and checking facebook before getting out of bed equal success?

Does getting up to music you love and stretching out on your back deck equal success?

Now we’re talking!!

What if you were to just change your morning routine… something that is ACTION! or ACTIVE!

Something that screams




and then first thing in the morning you’ve ticked that box.

You start your day already a winner, and then how will you end your day?……..A WINNER!!

This little change up in routine will literally transform your life, and your happiness score will move up.

If you change the way you start your day. You will subconsciously be teaching yourself that you’re a success, and life becomes easy!

Start how you want to end!

Life is bloody good!

Life is here for us to embrace and enjoy.

If we mope around, and continue to post negative things up on facebook about Monday mornings and the amount of coffee you’re going to need to get through it. You will never increase your success, or your happiness score.

It’s time to climb that mountain on Monday morning, and watch how the rest of your week goes north!!

Cos, it’s not just about how we start our day it’s how we end it.

It can be applied across everything.

Go into a meeting how you want to end it. Happy, smiling, calm.

Start a conversation with how you want to end it. Polite, smiling, warm, friendly.

Start an assignment how you want to end it. Focussed, organised, determined, confident.

Start your year how you want to end it. For me: Focussed, driven, bullseye targets, growth, learning, persistence, BEING AWESOME!

So, how’re you going to start your day? your year? your week? your life?

Thanks for reading.

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