Three Lies of a smoker

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It is only when you’re really ready to become smoke free, that you understand the truth under these lies!

1) I’m one of the lucky ones, my health hasn’t been affected what so ever by smoking!

Bull Dust!

Maybe you don’t know what a normal or healthy or oxygen rich body feels like?

If we did a fitness test, breath hold test, against you and a fit non smoker, I guarantee you would come second.

It is just so bloody obvious. It is common sense and science.

How can you be a lucky smoker? That’s like saying I’m a lucky prisoner.

Not only does smoking have a mental hold over you, but for each cigarette that you breath into your body you are taking over 100 chemicals that are not meant to be taken into human consumption, completely toxic and in large doses can be lethal, and long term use of smoking will deteriorate your body without a doubt, no matter how strong your constitution.

I want to say to the people that say ‘they have not been affected what so ever by smoking’. If this is the way you truly feel……’imagine what your body and you could achieve if you were smoke free! If you feel amazing now, imagine how fantastic you would feel being smoke free’

2) The only reason I want to give up smoking is because of the cost!

Granted….it must really pinch your bank balance, when you have to fork out $20+ for a packet, especially if you’re classified as a heavy smoker, and you’re buying a packet a day.

Definitely this would be an added reason to give those nasty cigarettes a flick.

But if you light up every single one of those 25 in that packet, and you enjoy every single one of those cigarettes, down to their entirety, and then on top of that you feel absolutely NO side effects from smoking, and the only reason that you want to become smoke free is because they cost so much…….That’s a lie, I’m sorry but your lying to yourself and to any other person your spinning this story too.

3) Cigarettes are my best friends!

More like cigarettes control you!

When you’re stressed, sad, happy, drunk, lonely, waking up, finishing a meal, needing a break or something to do with your hands they are always ‘there for you’! It’s a dependence that you have on the cigarettes.

Also, if these are your friends, your in a pretty abusive relationship then….luring you into a false sense of security whilst slowly killing you.

There are other more supportive and healthier relationships you can create, that only have your best interest at heart.

When do you know when you’re ready to become Smoke Free

1. When you are not enjoying more than half of your cigarettes you have in your day.

2. When you are wanting to feel healthier.

3. When you are saying to yourself as you smoke ‘why am I doing this?’, ‘what is this doing to me?’, ‘I’m not even enjoying this’.

4. When you don’t want to feel like a social leper any more

5. When you want to be a better role model for your children, or little family members that you are an influence on.

6. When you don’t want to feel controlled and trapped by the cigarettes anymore.

7. When you want to live for longer, and improve your quality of life.

I could go on and on and on and on and on. There are just so many reasons to become smoke free.

But you will only be ready, when you’re ready……..stop telling yourself these lies, and you will be ready sooner!

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