My Wish….

my wish for me

Is love and laughter,

long lazy days of clutterless freedom.

Mindfulness, gratitude, loving embraces, a peaceful heart,

acceptance of self and others.

A new story.

I wish this for you too.

My wish for me…

Is to be happy and free,

from dark to bright and shinny days,

with peaceful sounds and rolling hills,

gone are the tears, here with shinny smiles.

I wish this for you too.

My wish for me….

Is to be able to thrive not just survive.

To be able to feel worthy of all life has to offer.

To know and trust in the knowledge that I deserve, even when my mind tells me otherwise.

My wish is that I felt my body was as amazing as my partner thinks it is.

My wish is that I could see in myself what those that love me see.

This is my wish for you too.

My wish for me…

Is true happiness, health and love.

My wish is to always see the good in my life, my surroundings.

Find the gems everywhere, everyday.

I wish to watch my family grow, and to always be aware of how amazing my life is even if it might not feel that way sometimes.

I wish to have more money than I can spend, and in turn use that money to make precious time with my precious friends and family.

I wish to enjoy my life everyday and in everyway.

I wish I would effortlessly run, walk, skip, ride and smell the flowers along the way.

My wish for me is to not be in a rush. To make the time to bake with my kids, play games, go to the beach, anytime we like.

To wake up and play and laugh.

Say yes more than I say no.

I wish this for you too.

My wish for me…

Bright eyes, strong heart, straight back.

Standing tall with wisdom and the courage to say: I am enough!

I wish this for you too.

My wish for me…

To believe with every fuckin cell of my being that I AM WORTHY!


To be courageous and live my truth.

I wish this for you too.

My wish for me…

To grow in myself and spread my wings, like a butterfly escaping a capsule.

Soar to my full potential, and leave all my regrets behind.

Strong and bold to be accepting of all things that are different.

Strive to reach my full potential.

Cherish those that have helped make it happen.

Different is good, be proud and demand to be heard.

No hiding away but spread my wings wide.

I wish this for you too.

My wish for me…

A constant visitor was knocking on my door,

prying into my life like a hawk eyeing of it’s prey.

The butterflies invaded my stomach were not a sign of fluttery.

pretty freedom.

The nausea in the pit of my stomach, churning, unstoppable, Just fucking annoying.

BUT…. there is no stopping a girl with a dream.

A lifelong dream.

I have climbed the mountain.

I have felt the snow melt on my smiling face and the European winter sun on my back.

I wish this for you too.

My wish for me…

Is to be comfortable with my place in the world,

to be able to express myself without fear of judgement or rejection.

To have the confidence to achieve without self imposed limits ,

and to delight in my very existence.

I wish this for you too.

My wish for me…

Is to be all I can be.

To be good enough with no more bullshit or bluff.

To know I deserve a fucking good life.

My wish for myself is to love myself sick.

I wish this for all you fucking love yourself sickers too.

My wish for me…

Is happiness beyond my wildest dreams;

To know and accept the changes that are needed, to live the life of my choice.

I wish to be surrounded by people that are honest, loyal, caring and hard working.

I wish to surround myself with people motivated in life.

I wish to not only live life, but to adventure it.

I wish this for you too.

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