Why Hypnotherapy is the Antidote to Anxiety!


Why you cant get out of the worried thoughts and move past them…

Getting caught in that dreaded loop of doom is easy to do when we let our mind fixate on it. The story of the problem is like watching a t.v series in our head, we want to watch the next bit and the next bit, however it can lead us into a terrible mind space.

Anxiety is an addiction of the thoughts, we cant get away from it sometimes, no matter how hard we try to distract ourselves, we still find our mind headed down the dark cold rabbit hole.

Thoughts that evoke fear are very ‘attractive’ to our mind, as our mind always wants to work things out, come up with a solution, so begins the loop, and if we can not come up with a solution, we get more and more worried, and we fixate on the ‘what if’s’ this is very distressing to the mind, as it always wants to come up with a solution. So the mind will probable make up a solution that is more scary than you thought you could imagine, because that is all it can see in this particular picture, from this negative mindset. That then creates the anxiety, our mind always wants to fix things and keep us safe, so we will keep thinking about it to look for a better answer, but we keep arriving on the worse one every time. That’s because we are in a no win mindset.

This thought pattern is a trance like state, just like hypnosis is a trance like state.

To be in trance, your attention becomes very focused, it is hard for you to think about something else, and you are caught in a bubble of your own imagination.

Think about when you are watching a t.v show that you love, you are gripped to the story and emotionally attached to the characters, you will hold off going to the loo until the episode is over, because you are so gripped. You may not even notice other people in the room that could be watching the show with you. This is a trance

Anxiety is a trance in your mind that gets you completely focused on the worse case scenario, you then become fixated on it, and it may become so bad that you read people wrong and you feel like you cant communicate well, you are removed from reality and whats really going on.

Hypnotherapy uses your imagination to place you into a deep relaxation, from here you are guided to focus on what it is that you want from your life, how you want to act, behave, think or feel, taking you on a trance journey into your imagination that can open you up to your truest potential. After hypnosis people will report that they didn’t get the same fearful emotions anymore, because instead of being in a fear trance they’re in a positive and confident trance.

The same technique is used to get you into the place you really want to live from as the thing that destroys where you are living from. Its called trance and its the use of your imagination.

Anxiety is the shadow of our imagination, whereas feeling confident and positive is the light of our imagination. Hypnotherapy shines the light on your imagination, and helps heal anxiety.

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