Banana Sandwich


I was in the newsagent the other day, the one just around the corner of my office. I want to tell you that I stepped in there to buy stationary or something sensible and grown up. To be honest I was in search for a  chocolate sugary fix, but that’s beside the point… anyway the lady behind the counter was serving someone before me and she was trying to convince the customer who was probably in her late 60’s, that banana sandwiches are really yummy.  Customer lady was not having a bar of it!

‘No way it just sounds disgusting’

Hearing this I had to bite my tongue, so as to not bully up on customer lady and try and get her on banana sandwich side.

In all seriousness though I felt sorry for her.

I thought to myself  ‘she is this old, and she hasn’t tried a banana sandwich, and she is going to live the rest of her life not trying it because ‘it just sounds disgusting”!!!

If I had of lived my life this way I would have missed out on living overseas, having babies young, eating sheep’s brains, becoming a hypnotherapist.  Fair enough there are things like drugs and cigarettes that maybe I shouldn’t have tried, and I’m lucky that my addictive nature is not too high on the rictor scale. Having had that experience though, I can empathize with  my clients that come to me for becoming free of drugs or smoking.

It got me thinking what else has this lady missed out on, if she wont try a yummy banana sandwich.

I can’t believe how some people don’t try new things because it seems scary, unbelievable, or too far away from the boring old ‘norm’!

Have you tried a banana sandwich? With a sprinkle of sugar, and some fresh White bread, you will agree that it is a little combination of goodness….. right?

I’m encouraging you all to try new things.  jump at opportunities that come your way, say yes to invites even if you will only know one other person going. Open yourself up to trying new things. Is there something outrageous that you have wanted to do all your life? like live overseas for a year or learn a different language or skydive? Why don’t you do it?…whats stopping you?….. As the Cliche goes change  is as good as a holiday because like all holidays you have the memories of growth, experience and connection with yourself and others.

People that come to see me for hypnotherapy, usually are a little nervous a little skeptical and apprehensive.  I congratulate and praise them for trying something different, these people are so desperate for change they are willing to be Hypnotised…….!!!!

I often tell them to let their GP know that their coming to me, and most go ‘oh no I wouldn’t tell him/ her they don’t believe in it.’ As well as being a bit of a kick in the teeth, again I feel a bit wary and sad of people putting their hands and health into the hands of educated people, who are not willing to look at other ways to heal the human body and mind. And here is a quote from a well educated man.

 ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’ – Einstein

So what is something you want to change in your life?

Your living arrangements? your health? your addictive nature? your happiness levels?

Take a big bite of that banana sandwich and make the change today!!!

And if you want to try something really yummy…..toasted mashed banana, cheese and bacon!

Please feel free to offer more banana sandwich combinations in the comments below!

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